Alice Beresford

Artist & Photographer


19th September 2014

Exhibition. Not From Here. 22th-27th Sept 2014

Not from here

37 Duke st St James SW1 6FD
OPEN 12-5

These works pay homage to a desolate yet stimulating urban landscape, as captured by an artist whose palette is influenced by the ultra rural, the lush green countryside of the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland.

18th January 2014

Lost and Found in LA

It was a long hard puff that I took. I felt it in hit the bottom of my lungs as I spoke a smoky thank you to the dude whose warning I had ignored. I know dope dude. I thought as his words floated over me.

Cyn finished her fag and we started to walk back thru the trees to the gig. We could hear Willie’s dulcet tones.

We upped the pace. But I knew I should get some water. I told Cyn I would see her at the seats. As I was walking back with water and wallet in hand my mouth started to cotton up.

Oh oh.