Oldies are goodies, or maybe not.

All I wanted to do was pay for the chicken

‘Are you free’, I inquired to the clerk

‘In a moment’ he hissed

It seemed all was not well.

After a lot of huffing and puffing he motioned he was ready. 

Great i thought and handed him the chicken, which he grabbed and it duly squeaked. Like a ultra sensitive trip pad it talked on every touch.

However this was not enough to swing his frame of mind In fact it seem to infuriate him more. And when he realised it had no price the steam was almost visible. 

I on the other hand reacted as the toy wanted me too, giggles, hidden though, as I did not want to disrespect the mood but is there really was no room for this fury in a novelty shop. 

And as he spited through gritted teeth, as his profession required. 

‘Have a nice day. Ok.’ 

I thought, life is never ever that bad, surely.



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Alice Beresford