Alice Beresford

Artist & Photographer


26th February 2010

Bob the Barman

Here’s Bob the Barman in Chucks Steakhouse, who serves my father mai tais every evening, with his fullly working vintage till. A little anecdote from Bob.

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25th February 2010

Wacky Wakikian

Relax, all is good in the world. The CIA are recruiting top operatives.

This character told me he came from Connecticut originally. And that Hawaii had little people like Ireland but they were not so mischievous. He said when he first came out here he found a stolen wallet with $6000 in it. He handed it in and the owner gave him the money as he was so grateful to get his ID back.

‘What ya do with it’ I asked. 

‘Took a little trip’ he bream. 

‘Where’ I inquired. 


23rd February 2010

Live Life

A very sad thing happened today. My Father went to see Marie Casciato his good friends Richard Kellys’ secretary. A women who he had known for several years. She was helping him with his his airline ticket. They finished there business after having a very nice chat and she said she would walk out with him.As he walked out the door he heard a crash and turned to see Marie and the ground. He called for help. There was a Doctor on site but sadly there was nothing they could do. Marie had died. One minute talking fine the next minute dead. Very sad for all concerned. Condolences go out.x

22nd February 2010

Local Culture

Found this on the beach. Its a lauhala pod from the lauhala tree or the walking stick tree(below). Its get eroded by the sea and bristles are formed. The native hawaiians used it as a paint brush.

22nd February 2010


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