1SQMILE (2022)

For its 6th instalment The Horse is happy to announce Dialectic Visions. An exploration of the landscape and its implication within art, seen through the work of 3 Ireland based artists: Alice Beresford, Mel Galley and Diaa Lagan.
A landscape is many things to humans, primarily it is home, the open living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the stage, the earth. Landscapes are unavoidable, both as a subject for art-making and for their ubiquitous presence in our lives, because of their inescapability they are consistently intertwined with memory and the human experience. Dialectic Visions examines a spectrum of context of its role as a subject.
Alice Beresford’s photographic landscapes operate a similar intimate role related to her practice. Based in County Wicklow, Beresford shoots very particular places within her daily local environment. Utilizing analogue cameras and printing techniques, the final photographs are collages of time, succeeded through revisiting these vistas over periods of months and years, hanging older captures within the landscape and documenting the result. The works offer questions about doubling and fractal bonds with nature through specific places and things.
Memory (Past and future) requires the theatre of landscape for its manifestation. Landscapes are slow moving, slow changing, in the human life-scale at least.


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Alice Beresford